Dealing with Zip file corruption caused by exceeding size limit

Published: 26th January 2010
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While dealing with large files, people usually zip them, which not only save the disk space but also help in easy transfer. In fact, when there is need to send large data files through email, zipped files are the best way. Even for the recipient zipped files offer the benefit of instant download. Depending on the file type, you can shrink them to 50 to 90 present after compressing.

Since zipped file also reduce the time for sending many files through mail, n number of files and photographs can be send in a very short time after compressing. However, zip files are beneficial from every aspect but the drawback is that the recipient should also have the software to unzip the zipped file. In cases where the software is unavailable, the recipient cannot extract the files from a zipped folder. This is not the only issue concerned with zip files, as corruption can also cause problems for people, who frequently use zip files.

A zip file can get corrupt due to many reasons and being oversized is one of them. When a user creates a zip file exceeding the 2 GB size, problems occur while reading or accessing the file and data stored on it become corrupt. Reason for issue is oversized zip file, as WinZip allow creating a zip file of maximum 2GB size a. When this size limit is exceeded, user face problem in accessing and extracting data from the zip file.

Usually, this problem does not occur at the time of zip file creation and no indications for exceeding the 2GB size limit appear. But when the oversized file is sent to others and they try to open it or extract data from it, they fail to do so and get error messages indicating corruption.


Once a zip file is corrupt due to exceeding the 2 GB size, it becomes unusable. The only way to deal with this situation is to use a third party tool to repair zip file, as no other solution is available to deal with it. Repair zip tools not only repair the corrupt zip files but also extract all available data and files from them. You can also view and verify the recovered files and documents before saving them to the desired location.

With these tools dealing with an oversized zip file is very easy, as the user just needs to follow few simple steps to repair zip file and extract data from it. Once data is extracted, you can save it to normal or zipped format. Along with oversized zipped files, repair zip tools also deal with zip file corruption cased due to CRC errors. Even corrupt zip files that are password protected, can also be easily repaired with repair zip tools.

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