It’s easy to export Lotus Notes .NSF Archives

Published: 17th February 2010
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If you are looking to export Lotus Notes .NSF archives, then this article will help you a lot in accomplishing your desired task of exportation. We have various email clients available nowadays and every email client claims to provide you with best of facilities and features. But it's totally individual's choice or company's feasibility to adopt any of the email clients.
We know that various email clients such as IBM Lotus notes, Microsoft Outlook. MS Outlook Express, Novell GroupWise stores all email items - emails, calendars, contacts, to-do list, and personal journals in different file formats. Therefore, your decision to migrate from one email client to another email client may prove to be frustrating and agonizing too. And if you wish to export Lotus Notes archives to MS Outlook, then the whole process of migration would be requiring a lot of time and money.
.NSF is the file format of Lotus Notes. It stores its information such as business emails, calendars, to-do lists, journals, business contacts in NSF file format. Whereas, MS Outlook stores its emails, contacts, tasks, notes, appointments, calendars and journals in .PST file format. Obviously migration from Notes to Outlook is problematic from technical point of view.
Reasons that compel an organization/user to export Lotus Notes to Outlook are as follows:
Usually high installation and high maintenance costs are associated with Lotus Notes. Therefore, most of the times organizations fail to afford these high installation charges every year. They are compelled to export Lotus Notes in view of economical reasons.
Users have to switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook because of change of job or profession. If one person changing his job from where he uses Lotus Notes email for sending and receiving emails to a new company using Microsoft Outlook as its prime email client. In that situation he needs to export Lotus Notes to Outlook.
If you face any problem converting Lotus Notes NSF archive to MS Outlook PST file due to corrupt views of NSF file, you can use IBM Data Fix up Utility. Run it against the Lotus Notes NSF file and fix your Lotus Notes emails and other Lotus Notes information.
Many times when you restart a Server, the server quickly searches for any unclogged databases that were modified but improperly closed because of a server failure, power failure, hardware failure, and so on. When users attempt to access one of these databases and Lotus Notes Fix up Utility has not yet run on the database, users get the following message
"This database cannot be opened because a consistency check of it is in progress."
A few minutes after server startup is complete, run the Lotus Notes Fix up Utility on these databases to fix any inconsistencies that resulted from a server failure.
To perform seamless migration from Lotus Notes to Outlook, third party tools are the best. They export Lotus Notes in an effective way and all .NSF archives are migrated easily.

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