Recover NTFS data after resolving Dynamic Volume with ‘Failed’ Status

Published: 07th June 2010
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Those having Windows installed computer system, usually employ dynamic disk when need to span a volume across multiple disks. Just like the name suggests, dynamic disks are intended to offer dynamic storage environment. Similar to the basic disks, when the file system of dynamic disk gets corrupt, it either behaves abnormally or becomes inaccessible to the user. The apparent situation depicts that a user might have to use recover NTFS data method to extract the possible data.

Consider a real time scenario when you use a Windows based computer with a dynamic disk. Suppose the disk comprises of important files and folders which have important data that you cannot afford to lose. And suddenly, you observe that a dynamic volume displays 'Failed' just when it starts. The volumes can no longer be started and accessed. As a result of this, you cannot view or open various files and folders stored on this partition.

The above mentioned instance depict a data loss situation, however, the common reason behind 'Failed' dynamic volume might be:

Your dynamic disk has been damaged

The file system of your dynamic disk volume is corrupt

You are unable to start the dynamic volume automatically

In order to resolve this situation, user can perform the following action after they encounter a dynamic volume that shows its status as 'Failed':

Ascertain that the underlying disk for dynamic volume is online. Change the disk status to 'Online' if they are not online

If your dynamic volume fails to return to a healthy status even after returning the dynamic disk to the 'Online' status, then we suggest you to reactivate the dynamic volume manually. The dynamic volume might be a RAID-5 or mirrored volume with some previous data. If this is the case, you might bring back the disks containing the previous data online or restart volume manually

In case all the above mentioned measures fail, run chkdsk.exe on your dynamic disk volume. This is the last option for resolving the issue of corrupt dynamic volume to recreate it and restore the deleted data from backup

At times, the data backup is either absent or the data cannot be restored from the copy, you need a professional and robust Recover NTFS Data software. these specially designed recover NTFS data software scan and locate lost or missing volumes or partitions from windows based dynamic disks. These recover NTFS data software are comprehensive tools for recovering lost, damaged or corrupt partitions and volumes from Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000 computers. This recover NTFS data tool is available with a free to evaluate version for you to have a fair idea of its working and accuracy while it performs recovery.

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