Repair PDF by resolving Drawing error occurred error on Windows

Published: 16th February 2010
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Portable Document Format (PDF) files are known as universal file format and you can save all original formatting in a single document including the layout, graphics, images as well as fonts. This makes it possible for global users to view and get the document printed just the way it was originally laid out, even if the user is not having the software to create the document. As a result, PDF format files are increasingly used for sharing information online with many organizations that offer standard reports, feedback forms and whitepapers as downloadable PDF files.
This is the reason why PDF files are prone to corruption. Due to corruption issues, you often come across error messages while working on PDF files and performing PDF repair becomes important. Consider a case that you are working on Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or 7.0 on Windows and you receive an error message saying, "A drawing error occurred." The occurrence of this error message shows that either the PDF file you are working with was created using a non-Adobe program or the PDF file is made using Quark 5 with OPI extensions enabled.
In order to resolve this error, you can perform one of the following solutions:
Solution 1- Delete the Acrobat preferences folder
1.Exit Acrobat
2.Choose Start > Run and type %APPDATA%AdobeAcrobat into the Open text box and then click OK
3.Right-click either the 6.0 or 7.0 folder and choose Delete
4.Start Acrobat and try printing
Note- Acrobat preference files comprise of application settings such as toolbar arrangements and so when you restart Acrobat, new preferences are created automatically based on application defaults. Deleting preference files will not result in the loss of saved documents.
Solution 2- Recreate PDF files using an Adobe application
Adobe does not guarantee Acrobat functionality for PDF files created using a non-Adobe software application or third party utilities. Therefore, if you find yourself working on a PDF created using a non-Adobe application, then recreating the PDF file using a Adobe application such as Adobe Acrobat or Export To PDF feature of an Adobe open source application called Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator.
Solution 3- Update your version of QuarkXpress or disable QuarkXpress OPI Xtension
If you are working on a PDF file created using QuarkXpress, update your version of QuarkXpress 5.0 to the latest version and then recreate the PDF file. You can download the latest update for QuarkXpress 5.0 from its official website. Or else, you can disable the OPI Xtension in QuarkXpress 5.0 and then recreate the PDF file-
Start QuarkXpress 5.0 and choose Utilities > Xtensions Manager
Select the OPI PPC extension, and then choose No from the Enable menu
Click OK to close Xtensions Manager, and then quit QuarkXpress
The error message "A drawing error occurred" shows that either a problem with an image in PDF file or a possible corrupt color setting. Here, removing the preference file and allowing Adobe to recreate the file will surely resolve the problem. However, if the PDF file is corrupt, it becomes imperative to perform PDF repair or else you might lose on important data. Use qualitative PDF repair software for recovering data from corrupt PDF. For More Info Please visit:-"

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