Understanding and Resolving MS Access Error No. 3008

Published: 22nd March 2010
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Microsoft Access is a lightweight database application, which has been using for a long time to serve the purpose of storing data in a central repository. The database file created using MS Access enables the end users to simultaneously retrieve and update the data stored in the database file. However, sometimes MS Access does not allow a data table to be accessed simultaneously by multiple users. At that time when a specific data table is trying to be modified by several users, following error message flashes on your computer screen:

"The table is already opened exclusively by another user, or it is already open through the user interface and cannot be manipulated programmatically."


Following can be reasons for the occurrence of the specified error message:

  • The aforementioned message occurs when a user is already modifying the database table and other users are trying to access the same database table.

  • The database file is damaged.


Whenever you receive the specified error message, first you should confirm the reason for that error message. You can consider following methods to confirm the error's reason and to resolve the error:

  • Check that if the database table you are trying to access has already been used by another user or not. If the database table is already in use then you have to wait until that user does not close the table.

  • If the database table is not open but you are getting the "The table is already opened exclusively by another user." error message then another possible cause for the error message is corruption of the database file.

If the database file is corrupt then you have to repair the database file for resolving the specified error message. There is no other solution except repairing the database file to getting started with the database file once again. You can repair the damaged database file using MS Access Recovery tools. Kernel for Access is one of the highly recommended, professional, and sophisticated Access database repair and recovery software.

Kernel for Access has been given five-star ratings by various business giants among various industries. The software provides you the flexibility to repair the highly corrupted and large database files in very less time. This MS Access recovery software supports all versions of MS Access like MS Access 95, MS Access 97, MS Access 2000, MS Access 2003, and later versions.

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